Let's talk about 2023 Floral Trends

Let's talk about 2023 Floral Trends

Hey there floral fanatics! Anais here and I'm ready to spill the tea on the latest and greatest 2023 floral trends. Whether you're an avid gardener or just someone who appreciates a beautiful bouquet, there's something for everyone this year. So let's dive in and see what's blooming in the world of flowers!


Just Greenery Spring Bouquet

First up, we have the "Wild and Free" trend. You may familiar with this look as it is the inspiration behind our Spring 2023 curation. This look is all about embracing the natural beauty of flowers and plants. Think lots of greenery, untamed blooms, and a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Some popular flowers for this trend include wildflowers, daisies, and queen anne's lace. You can create this look by arranging your flowers in a loose, organic style and mixing in lots of different textures and colors.


Bold and Bright Summer Trend Bouquet

Next on the list is the "Bold and Bright" trend. This one is for all you color-lovers out there! This trend is all about bright, eye-catching blooms that make a statement. Some popular flowers for this trend include peonies, ranunculus, and dahlias. To create this look, choose flowers in bold, saturated colors and mix and match them in a fun, playful way.


Neutral and Natural Bouquet

If you're looking for something a little more subtle, the "Neutral and Natural" trend might be for you. This trend is all about using neutral colors and natural textures to create a simple, understated look. Some popular flowers for this trend include hydrangeas, dusty miller, and eucalyptus. To achieve this look, stick to a neutral color palette and focus on adding in different textures and greenery to create depth and interest.



Last but not least, we have the "Tropical Paradise" trend. This one is perfect for those of us who are dreaming of a sunny vacation. This trend is all about using bright, tropical flowers and foliage to create a lush, exotic look. Some popular flowers for this trend include bird of paradise, heliconia, and hibiscus. To create this look, use lots of tropical foliage and mix in bright, vibrant flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

So there you have it, folks! The 2023 floral trends are all about embracing nature, color, and texture. Whether you're a wild and free kind of person or you prefer something a little more subdued, there's a trend for everyone this year. Go out there and have fun experimenting with all the different floral possibilities but don't forget to tag @justgreenerybox with all your wild creations!

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